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If you're looking for the 50 fittest and most inspiring athletes on the planet, you've come to the right place. Every single one of these individuals is an example of what active aging can be and is if you put your heart and mind to it.





World record holders, jaw droppers, heroes. No matter how you want to describe them, the people on this list will absolutely surprise and impress you.

Tell us what we got right or who we missed on the 2020 list. Also you can nominate for this year.

Age has nothing to do with the ability to rock. Neither does the genre of music for that matter. Music lives in our souls and the musicians on this list have been touching our souls for decades. 

Vote for your favorites and see who is the Rockingest over 50.

Love, kindness, innovation, a just cause. All are drivers for those who make change in the world.

If you know a change maker, who happens to be over the age of 50, we want to hear about him or her. Fill out the form to nominate for the 2021 list of Change Makers.


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